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July 23rd, 2012, 06:38
Yes, there are Joshua trees and plenty of them if you're in the right spot. They are interesting. I like them, too. Lots of saguaro cacti (the iconic cactus that kind of looks like a stick figure) and whatnot.

There's actually plenty of life in the desert; it's just…a different kind. It's smaller….more squat….harsher and more brutal. When I first got here, driving through the desert in my car, I felt like I had landed on the surface of the moon. Lots of people truly fall in love with the desert. I'm just not sure I'm one of them…

Edit: And you're right. The desert isn't so brown, though there's some of that in parts. It's much more oranges and pinks and tans. it can be quite beautiful in spots. It also can feel quite bland and desolate and uninviting…and even punishing…in others.
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