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July 23rd, 2012, 11:41
AC2 was much better, indeed - but I ultimately don't care much for the GTA style gameplay anymore.

As in, I prefer a real open world like Skyrim/Gothic - as opposed to these smallish worlds with a number of "activities" that you can repeat, or stuff you're supposed to collect. Not saying Skyrim was free of that, but it had a LOT of unique content for such a massive world.

AC2 and other GTA paradigm games feel so "structured" and very quickly becomes predictable.

It has, unfortunately, become an extremely popular genre - and almost all so-called open world games follow this formula.

Not a suprise, as it's much easier to create systems and assets for a few dozen activities and just repeat them endlessly, than it is to create a genuine open world where exploration is about more than getting achievements for finding a predefined point or doing an activity X amount of times.

I can't wait for people to catch on and realise they're playing the same game over and over and over - and stop hailing them as the second coming. I'm not talking about you guys - but the mainstream.




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