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July 23rd, 2012, 11:50
Well, I still don't "get it".

The Sylvari area looked pretty bad to me, and had a very poor use of colors. The Sylvari themselves, however, looked pretty cool - with lots of variety during character creation.

However, the human main city remains one of the most impressive and beautiful cities of all time. It's HUUUUUGE

But the actual gameplay is repetitive to me - and I much prefer story-driven quests like in TSW/TOR over these "dynamic events" with absolutely no underpinning. I mean, why am I doing these things - beyond acting the hamster on a wheel? Why can't they combine engaging stories with the events - and have the best of both worlds? I fully agree that the quest hub thing is getting old, and we need more - but if I have to choose between immersive storytelling and no quest hubs - I gotta go with story.

Also, the "personal story" for humans - so far - has some of the worst writing I've ever witnessed in an MMO, and that's saying something. It's incredibly amateur and pretty juvenile.

I'd have played it for the story if it was engaging, but after playing TSW/TOR - it's just way too hard to accept writing at that level again.

Someone tell me there's more to this game than hunting down events and gathering feed for cows and killing mobs? I don't care for the PvP implementation - so that's out. I think the personal story writing is abysmally bad - so far - so what IS the magic about?




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