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July 23rd, 2012, 12:49
While you get 1-5 skill very quickly, you unlock utility slot and elite skill slot slowly.
yea, you dont get to choose skill like TSW, but frankly i am not missing that, since the combat is alot more responsive in GW2.
I would say different stroke for differnt ppl. While GW2 does not has TSW's writing for sure, nonetheless for someone who skip through every cut sence after seeing it once, I am glad GW2 choose to emphasis the other area of the game.

In TSW everyone goes to Kingsmouth, in GW2 you start at your race zone.
In TSW you dont get to save any npc, you fight their corpse or spirit and you laid them to rest, in GW2 you try to make sure they are alive and get out of the harm in one piece. Both game has different field they excel at.
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