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July 23rd, 2012, 13:24
The evolution of skills stop at 30 - and from what I've seen of the defensive skills - they're not particularly exciting. The game is very clearly based around giving you almost everything from the beginning to avoid the "grind" - which I suppose is what people like about it.

Unfortunately, I've always considered the evolution of my character and my arsenal one of the primary pleasures of any CRPG. I don't think it's better to give people all their toys almost from the beginning - because then they're left with the activities themselves - and if you want a fast-paced competitive activity - we have shooters or similar games for that.

If you want a powerful story-driven RPG experience in your MMO, then there are FAR FAR better options out there.

So, I guess the reason to play GW2 is if you want a non-progression game in a fantasy world with limited underpinning for what you're doing. Ok, there's exploration of the world itself - and I suppose that might be reason enough to play it.

Can't argue with the reasonable nature of the B2P pricing - but I don't see it as a powerful longevity contender.




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