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July 23rd, 2012, 14:00
Looking good as always! Can't wait to try out the demo.

I'm really impressed how well you've managed to keep a very coherent graphical style/look (backgrounds, characters, items, icons and all), which is a big plus. Really glad you haven't stumbled on something, many other one-man indie operators do - namely, having the graphical style jump all over the place, creating a disjointed hodge-podge look. IMO, it doesn't matter if the graphics are simple or even primitive as long as the graphical style remains consistent throughout the game (e.g. I'm fine with Ultima 5 styled, rather primitive, graphics as long as they are consistent). Anyways, kudos to you!

Also… Behold, the powers of an enlightended mind! By using my super-human deduction and telepathic abilities, I am certain that you are left-handed. (Either that or one of the screenshots above has been flipped to a mirror image.)
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