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July 23rd, 2012, 15:32
I really like GW2 but for very different reasons than TSW or other games. Strangely almost opposite reasons. I like the light hearted approach, the over the top high fantasy graphics, the sometimes corny writing, that, for humans at least, you tend to be a "good guy hero".

To compare to another game I am playing, and like, TSW, I like TSW because its more realistic, incredible graphics, darker, deeper story and writing - in some ways for the opposite reasons I like GSW design.

As for game play - I like that I can master the basic skills quickly although I am hoping as I go up in levels it continues to let me progress. Unlike the others commenting I have only made it to level 12 in beta and don't PvP so do not know how it gets higher up. I do like how everyone is encouraged to work together. I still find myself going out the way to let others get kills or be polite … forgetting its all a group effort.

For me GW2 is a fun, entertaining romp in high fantasy with lots of other people and over the top atmosphere - so very enjoyable to explore, develop my character, enjoy the person story and interact with others in the process.

However, totally to my own surprise, I find TSW to be a bit better (my opinion was the opposite before) in that the hand holding is less obvious, its got some depth, and I find myself more immersed.

I plan on playing both though. My main worry with TSW is that the horror aspect can wear on me as I am not a horror fan, and I miss having interaction in dialogue - which players can't do in TSW. I also see a lot of reuse of models for monsters and after the open group concept and encouragement of GW2 the return to kill stealing and lack of cooperation in TSW tends to stand out more.

As for why so many people seem to love GW2 - possibly that it is F2P, that it provides instant gratification, that its flashy and full of action and glamour, and fairly casual and easy going.
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