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July 23rd, 2012, 19:17
Finally got my tier 3 lit II greatsword for my WF paladin. He just need 1 supreme shard to get tier 3 of the healing amp longsword. This sword will have +60% healing amp when completed. That should help Jm's Brialle healing him after battles. When healer's friend starts working again I will get +15% healing amp extra.

I spoke with people playing quests in eveningstar and they say many monsters there are immune til electricity so they recommend crafting a triple cold weapon. That will be the next I will craft for my paladin. The drow aren't immune to cold damage.

The triple cold weapon will have the following powers:
* Frost (1d6 cold)
* Icy burst (1d6 cold + 2d10 on critical + panacea 3/day
* Cold blast (1d10 on critical + 4d6 on 20) +crushing wave (30-40 cold + 30-40 bludgeon damage)

I have plenty of small, medium and large materials for GS crafting. The only one I don't have enough of is large devil scales. No surprise there.

Please tell me if you miss some mats for crafting. Then I can send them in the mail to the toon needing it (or put the mats in the guild chest).
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