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July 23rd, 2012, 20:10
Originally Posted by azarhal View Post
In most MMOs, your gear are more responsible about your success than how well you play. Players seek better gear to make the game easier over learning how to play.
You mean except when you go up against people of a similar gear level - which is typically a goal achievable with time and effort. That's a downside to gear progression that can't be truly avoided. It's a delicate balance of letting gear progression be within reach - and yet keeping it there as a carrot for extended play.

But it's true that a lot of people who aren't particularly good at PvP like to point at inferior gear as the reason they lose all the time.

But you can actually evolve your gear level AND be a good player at the same time. It's quite doable.

In GW2, incompetents can hide in the event zergs though.
I couldn't care less about where people hide. I just want a fair shot at being on an even level - and that's fully possible in all but the most grindy gear progression games.

If most people really think that removing the carrot and letting PvP be "all about skill" will somehow make the game fantastically fun - they're wrong. Why? Because most people suck at high-end PvP - and they won't have anything to blame here.

So, no gear progression will automatically hit the majority as a major downside to the game - even if they'll never admit or realise it.

What class did you play? Because not all the utility skills are buff or debuff. The Engineer class mechanic actually depends on weapon kits slotted in those utility slot.
Ranger and Thief.

And the situational is a design intent. I can see some people not liking it.
I don't mind them being situational - but I mind that most fights are fought without really needing them - so far. I understand it's different for high level PvP - but it's not going to be enough to please me.




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