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July 24th, 2012, 02:05
again, I'm loving it and I will play it release, but I do agree I don't feel there is much 'new things' after about level 15 from the little I could experience. The 5 shortbow skills will always be the same, no matter what, same with longbow or sword+shield. So, I won't see anything new there ever after I spend 30 minutes to get the 5 skills.

One thing I love about MMOs (and RPGs in general) is looking forward to gaining more skills/spells as my character(s) grow in level. Maybe my mind is still (and probably forever will be) tied to the D&D design of progress, but that's how I enjoy my games. With limited upgrade options, comes limited enjoyment for me. And by upgrade options I don't mean adding +5% to my critical chance or +2 Intelligence. I'm talking about new options that expand my range of choices during combat, and I just don't see that in GW2. Feels like the same attacks I'll use at level 12 are about the same I'll use at 60, except that they'll do or heal more damage.
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