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July 24th, 2012, 19:54
That is actually quite an interesting and informative read.

If you take the article at full faith, I'd have to say the blame largely falls on Schilling. I don't think he set out to destroy the company or the financial lives of his employees. But it's pretty clear that at his core he is a big spender and anyone who has successfully run a business knows that lavish spending is something that you plan and execute under very limited and controlled conditions.

It seems that all the spending mis-steps (and wow, according to this article, there were tons of them) became 'chum in the water' for RI politicians and - well, what do you expect. Politicians are wolves that will turn on and kill the weak and the wounded. You don't have to live too many years on this Earth to know that there are no friends and only potential enemies when it comes to politics.

My heart goes out to all the employees who have been left holding their unfair share of 'the bag' through know fault of their own. It is heart wrenching and a complete punch to the gut to hear about some employees healthcare running out when they could have kept prior jobs, stayed where they lived amongst family and friends and kept their incomes and healthcare plans. The loss faced by the regular employees is the real tragedy here.
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