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July 25th, 2012, 00:47
I just got into Battlefield 3, and it's one helluva an experience. It's the most immersive shooter I've ever played. I've been mainly going at team deathmatch games, because in conquest I'm awful. But just TD is amazing. I just got done with an 1 hour and half TD battle and time flew like crazy. You can't not get involved and keep trying to push back your opponents. And it's cool how even without any headset on my part, and probably others as well, we kinda set up a small battleplan just by following each others lead. Very fun stuff.

Anyways, it looks and sounds unbelievable. And the mechanics that they have in place are very cool. My two most favorite are:
- when you're under fire, as in suppressed, your vision gets blurry.
- you can tag enemies as you see them for them to appear on your teammates' hud.

Oh, and I forgot about the destructibility of the environment. That adds so much both in gameplay and in amazing visuals. It just looks amazing. It's one thing to see it on youtube, and quite another to be right there, having bullets running over your head, having grenades tearing down walls around you.

Amazing. I'm so hyped about it.
And yeah, it's got miles ahead of Call of Duty imo. When it comes to multiplayer. The singleplayer campaign is kinda average.

And I also love how they've integrated their web app with the game client. You can track all your stats and information through their web app, and easily jump into a game. Very cool. Having Origin installed is kinda annoying, but what're you gonna do.
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