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July 26th, 2012, 00:36
It seems there are few different groups of potential consumers of any game. Of course, there are super fans of a particular franchise or developer who have been following a particular game and either pre-ordered or bought soon after launch.

Then there are others interested in the game who may be inclined to pay the full MSRP, but didn't buy at launch because they didn't have enough to spend on it at the time, or perhaps they were busy with other activities or other games. The Steam sales deals with a limited window in which to purchase such a game at 50% or 75% off provide a very sharp call to action for this type of consumer.

Then there are those of us who perhaps never intended to buy and never had a great deal of interest in the game, or even perhaps already own a copy of the console version, etc., but when the price point drops in a time sensitive flash sales deal down to $5-10, or even lower than $5, not only does it seem like a high value proposition, but the urgency of the offer creates a situation where our natural aversion to loss kicks in. We currently have the opportunity to buy the game at $2.49, but if we wait until tomorrow, we lose the value of that opportunity.
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