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July 27th, 2012, 03:47
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As for stand-alone books: I happen to love Emphyrio by Vance, Mindgames by Cadigan (eventh tough it's Cyberpunk), Heinlein's Starship Troopers and Number of the Beast, and 'The Mote in God's Eye' by Niven & Pournelle (though I can't stand the books each wrote by himself, if for different reasons).
The Mote in God's Eye is fantastic, as was the Gripping Hand. I also strongly recommend anything by Heinlein. The only thing recent I've read that I feel safe strongly recommending is a short story called "Algorithm of Love," by I forget, I believe it was an Asian name. I often think about the content and just one read through had a lasting impact.

That’s not completely true. I feel safe recommending Kren of the Mitchegai by Leo Frankowski. There was another book I read about a post alien invaded Earth where the invaders are insectiods with a color-based cast system and a walrus-samurai-ish type race as well. I loaned it out and forgot the name and author.

There was another book I wanted to read part two of, but I cannot remember if I thought it was good or just good enough to warrant reading part 2. It was about an alien race taking over earth space, the remaining humans having to hide and start a new low-tech society so they wouldn’t be found by the alien’s sensors or whatever. Fast forward centuries later and you have a brutal theocracy based upon stopping technology, and the protagonist is a robot. I also cannot remember the either the name or the author if this one.

If anyone knows either book series and author I would be grateful.
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