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July 27th, 2012, 17:37
Just the opposite of the prior post, I was surprised to find a great RPG in KoTOR despite the Star Wars theme.

Never was into Star Wars except I enjoyed the original movie - a surprisingly well constructed cinema experience. Otherwise, Star Wars was like Trix — i.e., for kids, as I saw it at the time. So when I saw that a Star Wars RPG had been released, I ignored it, expecting cheesy to the max.

Lots of buzz on the 'net, but I still ignored KoTOR. The buzz continued, and grew. And I still ignored it. Finally after the buzz grew, and continued to grow, and on and on and on… about a year, I reluctantly decided to try KoTOR. Still expecting cheesy.

Shocker. A great and innovative game (at the time). Loved the characters. Loved the story. Loved the good/bad meter. Replayed KoTOR numerous times (varying choices, order of play, finding new areas and characters, improving combat, etc). Recommended the game to many after that, always with an intro to the effect — "a surprisingly good and enjoyable game despite the Star Wars theme…'

KoTOR was a "game changer" for the RPG genre. It brought a lot to the table and did so many things right. A really really pleasant surprise.

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