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July 27th, 2012, 17:37
Well, first of all everything you've just said about the game is a speculation, we still have to wait and see how it turns out.

Secondly, when I said that 10 euro increase was justified, I meant the industry in general, not just this specific game. I meant that since we pay more ( and in some cases A LOT more) today than years ago for most things - there would be nothing wrong with games prices increasing too. I though that was clear from my post.

Originally Posted by joxer View Post
Um… I guess this is what an average gamer will see and think:

Key Features:
■All-New Characters and All-New Classes - meh
■Dynamic Co-op online, and LAN - hmmm
■World Connected Story - who cares
■87 Bazillion…Everything - bazillion?
■Brand new environments on Pandora - big deal
■Brand new enemies - "bazillion" of mobrespawns to kill? It's christmas!

If you want to buy another respawn-o-rama with almost nonexisting traces of RPG then the price is probably justified. Hell, you'd give 100$ for that game.
Sorry, but I won't give a cent for that game.
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