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July 29th, 2012, 04:15
Hmm, Jon Irenicus in BG2, The Master in Fallout, Werdna in Wizardry I and IV, Exodus in Ultima ]I[, The Guardian in U7:BG?

NWN1 had an article suggesting when developing villains to use Baron Vladimir Harkonnen as the ultimate example.

Didn't Ravenloft borrow from Dracula. I remember too how much found we had running into Lang Fu and Baron Hauptman in Cthulhu fun


The comparisons of Bane as a villain archetype are kind of weird if you ask me because he's one of the worst in Batman's Rogues Gallery. Him and Killer Croc don't fit into the classic Dick Tracy type weirdos and meglomaniacs The Batman has pursued over the decades; they are just a bunch of bulging muscles. Look at the horrid Batman and Robin movie for instance where he's just Poison Ivy's pet.

However, both characters live on because what they were involved with important story arcs: the new robin; and batman's broken back. What the Nolan brothers and the actor did with the character however was impressive, once again showing Nolan can bring something new and heady to this old silent movie ripoff.
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