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July 29th, 2012, 20:54
Yeah, Foundation got a bit predictable by the end but it was still very good. The thing I liked about it wasn't the lack of aliens, though, it was the "brains over brawn" theme.

I'm not sure of you could call the Amber series SF or not but they certainly were good. The endings for the two series were both a bit weak but, now that you're expecting that, you should enjoy the books quite a bit. My favorite aspect of those books was finding out how that universe actually worked.

My favorite of all time (so far) is still Roger MacBride Allen's 'Hunted Earth' series. The Ring of Charon has the best aliens I've ever seen plus I love how the solar system actually seems BIG. The "Naked Purples" political faction is fun, too. The Shattered Sphere continues the series and also does a very good job. Unfortunately, the slacker still hasn't done the third book in the series!

He's also got a continuation of Asimov's robot novels where a robot is created that does not actually have the 3 (or so ) laws of robotics ingrained. I remember the series as being good but not anything particularly awesome. Still might be a good jumping-on point for the author, though, if you're familiar with Asimov's books.

Nancy Kress' Beggars series has to be the highest on the "sticky" scale. I swear I don't go a month without being reminded of something in that series of books.
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