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July 29th, 2012, 22:58
Yeah, it was Lord Strahd I was thinking of (just as Baron Hauptman is a cross between Dracula and St Germaine). I hadn't played Ravenloft at all - we all moved on to Cthulhu when that came out.

The new Batman movie is GREAT! Not Dark Knight great and quite a bit jumpy at times but its a great watch. Plus its NOT in 3D so you don't have to put up with a dark screen trying too hard with special effects.

It borrows a lot from three or four various sources of Batman lore and links the plot in nicely with the first two movies.

Back on topic, Tom Hardy who played Bane, put on 30lbs for the role and his voice is mimicking a Romani/Gypsy he knows. The choice and emphasis on certain words he uses makes it difficult to understand him at times (not to mention the mask) but you get used to it.

he's a really good villain in this film.

if you look at Nolan's films his choice of villains has been great: Scarecrow; Ras A; Ghul; the Joker; Two Face; Bane and one other I won't mention (spoiler). All great characters.

If the character seemed too silly he ended up putting really dark, psychological twists on them that even the comics and Tim Burton wouldn't go. The new idea of Batman as "a guy in bat suit". The scariest of all of course is Katy Holmes.

I am reading on IMDB the original idea involved Two Face and the Riddler but the latter was scratched as being to close the the heath ledger Joker.

Bane offered a contrast in character type which I think is a great lesson in writing sequels or follow up stories.


We've done a poll on favourite bad guy/end boss in an RPG right?
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