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July 29th, 2012, 23:23
The last Foundation novel was written before the phrase New Age came about; the popular name to call it at the time was Metaphysics and it was all the rage at the colleges at the time. Asimov was pretty heavily influenced by Ursula K le Guin with this book I understand. It seems pretty simple minded looking back on it. They don't have the charm of those silly short stories of the first three books or the Galactic Empire novels.

The "Killer B's" were hired by the Asimov family to continue the Foundation series : David Brin; Gregory Benford; and Greg Bear. Benford's is by far the best with some amazing and sometimes shocking ideas but not having much of a story which is typical of him. Hari Seldon's solution to the Emperor (and it results) to stop suicidal terrorists was quite clever and topical.


Speaking of the Killer B's, anyone ever read Blood Music?

It was on a popular list of top 100 Sci Fi novels which is why I checked it out and found out about these authors.

David Brin wrote The Postman, which is the popular book set in a post-apocalyptic world. Most people on these forums are aware of thanks to the movie.
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