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July 30th, 2012, 03:59
Gigabit internet connections are finally starting to get going in the USA via Google's new ISP. The big question so far has been "yeah, but how much will it cost me?" Well, the (initial) pricing is out: https://fiber.google.com/plans/residential/

The TV version is going to kill cable, I think. It's still missing some channels (HBO and the local FOX channel stick out) but cable around here currently doesn't cover the local ABC channel, so Time Warner is going to have a hard time making a big deal out of that. The price per month is about the same as cable but they throw in 2TB of local storage, WiFi, and the remote is a friggin' Nexus 7! Plus, of course, you get the internet going at ludicrous speed.

If you just want to go plaid and find your own TV channels, it's $70/mo plus $300 installation.

The free option is interesting. Free means $300 (or $25/mo for one year) and you're capped at just 5Mb/s but then you don't have to pay ever again. Or so the theory goes. I wonder if it will stay that way for the long term. Will they increase the speed over time? Will they decide to end the 'free' option and start charging some day in the future? How often are they going to bombard you with advertisements to upgrade? Will hackers find some way to trick the box into giving a free customer super-speed? <shrug>

Oh, and STILL no hint as to what the ping times are going to be like on this system. That's going to be important for MMO players and extremely important to companies like OnLive.
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