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July 30th, 2012, 09:00
Gamer: Commercial RPG's are too samey! Give me something original!

Obsidian: Ok - we'll leverage Kickstarter to avoid meddling producers and strike out on something that wouldn't have a snowball's chance of going through the usual publishing channels. How does that sound?

Gamer: Yay!

Game company: So what kinds of new, creatively risky things would you like to see? Perhaps something set in the real world that leverages today's animation tech to create vivid characters and dramatic situations? How about a game set in darkest Congo or the blood diamond trade in Africa? Or as a Yakuza in modern Japan? Or how about a historical setting we haven't seen yet - like during the English Civil War? Play as a Roundhead. Or even the American Civil War. Imagine - the sky's the limit!

Gamer: Oh no - just give me fantasy or steampunk. I don't want anything too far beyond my mediocre imagination.
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