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July 31st, 2012, 13:40
Just checked all of the guild ship amenities and found out that the Acid Shrine has only 4 days left.

My real life plans are currently so that I'll be going to Berlin next week, and that means that I won't be online that week.

I did The Chronoscope with my Cleric yesterday - and he barely survived. Unfortunately at least 1 member of that raid was level 20 so that I didn't get any xp at all. That's bad.
But at least I've got the Gem Of Many Facets, the "Sword Of Time" or how it is called, an a "Helmet Of Frost", or how it is called, part of the Abishai set which you can farm there.
The PUG was neither bad nor good. Intermediate, but not too efficient, but we did it nevertheless, although we were beaten hard. Most of the group really consisted of levels 6 (me) or 7 to 10 or 11. We were I think 12 people. I fear that the dungeon scaling came into effect because of at least 1 of us being level 20.

Now every one of my chars has that Gem.
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