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July 31st, 2012, 15:32
I think this review came across badly because of the hyperbole.

I played through the open beta that just passed, and enjoyed it enough to give them some money (to support, yes, but mostly so I could keep playing!). It's fun, and it has serious potential.

However, some of the things written in this review aren't accurate, or at least aren't accurate *yet*. No, it doesn't have " far more playtime and replayability than any single player standalone game on the market today." That's a ridiculous statement to make. Leaving out that it's not even got all it's content in (there's not that much there yet), there are plenty of standalone games with more unique content, and more replayability.

Describing it as an MMO is (unintentionally, I'm sure) dishonest. You can argue whether it's a single player game with multiplayer (as I see it), or a multiplayer game with single-player all day. Massively Multiplayer Online it is most certainly not. It's an aRPG like Torchlight, with somewhat more multiplayer capability.

Pointing out that there's nothing you've wanted to buy in the microtranaction shop isn't quite honest, either. They've not implemented the microtransaction shop yet! All it's got is two items put in as a test, an extra character slot, and an extra storage tab (which is even less useful than it sounds, if you saw how shared storage works). While their manifesto about no pay to win is laudable, and I was glad to read it, they are most certainly not anything like the first to make such claims, and shouldn't be given credit before they've followed through.

I'll stop there, though I could go on.

I'm not bashing the game. Like I said, I enjoy it a lot and am looking forward to seeing how it might turn out once it's done. I just got a strong feeling from this review of someone letting their excitement cloud their objectivity.

It's not an ad, and I'd not insult the writer's integrity by saying such. However, and this is meant as constructive criticism to said writer, it honestly does read like one.
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