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August 1st, 2012, 10:32
Well, if they're to do justice to the game, they need to use another engine - or do something very serious to "Creation" (I think it's called now?).

Fallout 3 was a great game once you applied mods - but it was a pretty weak shooter. Well, I think it was a decent shooter/RPG - but as a pure shooter, it wouldn't have worked.

That said, I'm a MUCH MUCH bigger fan of RPGs and exploration than shooters - and I'd much rather have those elements expanded in STALKER - and then I could probably live with a weaker shooter. But that's kinda selfish - and I think many shooter fans like the shooter bits more.

So, I don't know - but I wouldn't underestimate Bethesda. Not after Skyrim, anyway.




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