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August 1st, 2012, 11:31
STALKER has atmosphere, alright. It's the game's strongest point, but I'm a role player not a shooter. I can't play more than 10 minutes on a row. Few dialogues have voice acting (and what a strange voice acting that is, some characters speak english with a strong accent, others do not). The worst thing for me - and I am not criticizing, just pointing the game isn't for me - is that the god damned thing is extremely difficult, even when I choose the easy option. Do I believe Bethesda could do it? I guess it could. It couldn't be a Bioware game, for example, there are more similarities with the Bethesda's games - open world, first-person view. But there's also the russian/ ukranian feel of it. Of course Bethesda can develop Fallout games, and I can't, for the live of me, understand the people who hate F3 or FONV because they lack the spirit of the original ones. Spirit, what spirit? They must have played it in their dreams a lot, because Fallout has it's place in history - a great place it is, indeed -, but that's just that. The graphics make me cry, turn based combat makes me cringe and I can't see much difference between a car or a mutant ox in that isometric view. Anyway, Fallout is based in that bizarre and lovable nostalgic Americana universe. STALKER is another creature, though it's clearly inspired by previous post-apocalyptic games, Fallout above them all. Maybe if they adapted STALKER it turned into something. I certainly would like to play a horror survival role playing game (which is a real playing game, not just a game with an item list, open world and a couple of dialogues).
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