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August 1st, 2012, 17:43
I love Bethesda, but I'd rather see a foreign developer get a shot at Stalker. Mostly because I'd prefer Bethesda to stay focused on their two IPs. Zenimax could publish something made by foreign studios, as they have a presence in Europe. Let Larian or CDPR or a similar group have a shot at it. Zenimax could absorb one of these entities or just borrow them like they did Obsidian.

As far as Pete Hines being pissed at Obsidian, that's silly. He might have been a little peeved over the meta critic statements, but he's a smart guy who recognizes that FNV made Bethesda millions and millions of dollars. I wouldn't be surprised to see another collaboration at some point, if the gang at Obsidian is willing. Obsidian might negotiate a little better the next time.

I'd also love to see a Dungeon Siege IV. DS3 was an okay game and I think it made enough for DS4 to be a possibility. They just need to ramp up the loot significantly and make the towns more lively. It was silly that Odo(rous) stood around for almost the whole game. They could add a couple more classes and tweak the skills, but the engine was very nice and there were a lot of good pieces to the game.
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