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Default Where do I buy Paladin Armor From?

August 2nd, 2012, 21:24
I'm running Content Mod + Quest Pack + CP 1.74, and evidently one of them (Content mod presumably) added staged attacks on some of the outposts.

Anyway, one of the attacks killed Pyran, the mage outside of the Monastery who was selling Paladin Armor, and now I have no where to get the armor from. I did spawn Pyran, and it worked, but there were no dialog options for him. Is there some alternative way of getting the Paladin Armor?

Also, on the third sword skill upgrade, I knock out orcs on one hit. This makes it impossibly difficult to kill large amounts of orcs (I know it's more realistic, but screw it. I like mowing through large mobs of orcs). Anyway, is this part of a mod/patch, or is it just there by default? And is there any way of disabling it outside of simply not buying the upgrade? As it stands, the third Sword upgrade makes it harder to fight orcs, not easier like you would think it should.
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