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August 3rd, 2012, 00:15
Here's my min-review of my last ebook, I'll edit in the links and stuff later:

Running Girl is a pretty good debut novel. The book starts off at a nice pace with lots of action and many things happening. There is quite a bit of magic in the early going and some nice combat also.

Unfortunately, the author sometimes get so caught up in describing scenery that he forgets to tell a story. There are paragraph after paragraph of descriptive prose, wherein no action is taking place. This gets dull and sometimes drags his story to a halt. Once the protagonist, who has half a dozen names throughout the book, gets to dwarf land, the book basically stops so that the author can lovingly describe a typical steampunk setting.

However, the book is redeemed through cheerful banter between the various party members and some amusing word play in certain sections. My hope is that further novels limit the descritpive prose while the main character is basically inactive and gets on with telling the story. The book has made me interested enough to try one more book in the series. I have a concern though because the author wants to make 15 books in the same world. Unless he vastly, vastly upgrades the action, boredom will set in long before a satisfying conclusion is reached.

Let me point out that I've read thousands of fantasy novels. I'm a bit jaded. Those who read a handful of fantasy novels a year should enjoy this book even more.
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