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August 8th, 2012, 07:27
He is getting the concept of grinding a little wrong. A task is only repetitive when it is exactly the same thing over and over again for a significant amount of time. When you play a game like Skyrim you won'[ be fighting the same enemy over and over again like you do in some other games (like mmorpgs) so you don't do the exact same thing over and over. It is grinding if you are doing the exact same thing over and over like in many mmorpgs where you are fighting the same monster repeatedly with the same sequence of skills over and over for a long period of time.

PS. Not all games with random encounters are grinding games since some will very the way you need to fight the encounters and also very the power of the enemies.

PPS. I think the only real bad thing about grinding is when a game forces you to do it to continue like in many mmorpgs. Most single player rpgs don't force you to grind even if the option is available.
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