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August 8th, 2012, 11:32
Originally Posted by SirJames View Post
Its a bit of a vile setting, however; Akin to playing a rapist in a kindergarten. Like some kinda genocidal, slave trading, gold thieving rapist game. Wipe out the humans who were actually making it work and steal all their gold, women and children for that "God" dickhead and your bitch Queen.

The inkas and aztecs and mayans and all the peaceful tribes all the way up to "Alaska" (and Australia!) didn't have the war technology because they really didn't have war. They would have appeared like children or even clever animals to the Spanish who came with forged metal weapons. Unfortunately, that's what a civilized society would be like!

If we had our shit sorted, as they did, we'd go on about our 'jobs' like a child who's just learned a new song on their recorder and wants to share it with everyone for the pure joy of it. He won't stop until everyone has the song! Gee, so annoying!

Instead we tell him to sell it. He should guard the song so it isn't counterfeited. Get a copyright on it or a patent! Sell the crap out of it!! Put it in a TV ad and make LOADS! So he does. He still feels joy, but its not coming from the same place.

Multiply this by the population and you have a sick society. Seems the "innocent" like "Bobs goodly christian wife" all need to retreat to the imaginary to keep this perspective. But we shouldn't have to be deluded to be wholesome!

Still, I'm no revolutionary. Maybe I'd like to retreat to bed with Yoko until the maniacs running the world all fuck off and die too. But they won't. And if I had the reach of a Beatles song coupled with a message like this I'd be shot too.

I had "7 cities of gold" on Amiga but it wasn't half the game Pirates! was.
You don't know shit about history. Sure, it's easy to look at the conquest of aztecs now from behind the curtain of history and say, that it was unwarranted genocide etc. The truth is Aztecs were an expansionist empire (just like Spain and other superpowers of Europe), that was put together by conquest of other less fortunate tribes itself. They practiced among other things such "nice" activities as human sacrifice and cannibalism. Some of those tribes really hated the aztec empire, joined conquistadores and were in fact their main fighting force against aztecs. Despite the superior tech and cavalry (a few horses at most, they probably had a demoralizing effect more than anything else) of the spaniards, the conquest of the aztecs would have been impossible without the local allies.
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