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August 8th, 2012, 12:26
Grinding is something you get only in games with endless mobrespawn games. I despise such games and am trying not to buy them at all. Nongrinding, in fact nonrespawning games, outside of adventures genre are rare which is too bad.

Grinding gets added to a game not because designers believe it's fun, but because designers lack of ideas and can't make more different content. Everyone today thinks he can design a game. Basically it's true, but in 99% cases we get just a generic mobrespawn grinder game. Not only that, but to make a grinder game is cheap - in the same (ugly in most cases) map just give a player billions of respawns to kill and charge him with 50$.

Endless respawning is actually a slap in the face to the modern civilisation:
And we wouldn't want to repeat something our predecessors did to this and some other species, right?
You may say "hell it's a game only", but games are played by kids. If you kill something, it's dead, plain and simple. If you continue to kill something, it'll become extinct. After so many games with grinding, kids won't think that.

So excuse me for spending my money only for games where grinding, in fact endless respawning, is nonexisting or is minimal (can be stopped for example by killing some necromancer).
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