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August 10th, 2012, 19:24
Originally Posted by booboo View Post
I wonder if the current price point is to high? It's $50 on Steam, which for me means generally high production values, generally Awesome (TM) experience etc. The price coupled with the average reviews is probably hurting their new sales quite a bit. If it was much less, I would have snapped it up without blinking (as a fan of the series) - but my gaming time is currently over-subscribed as it is, so I need a real incentive to fork over $50…
I hear you, and that's probably a good idea. I've enjoyed it but haven't finished it or anything. The combat system is my favorite part, though I also hear the criticisms about spamming a winning formula, I.e. style that causes bleeding followed by a style with extra damage to a bleeding opponent, MMO style. I just like the slow mo. I'm so sick of twitchy games.

I believe him when he says the sales have been decent. It was in Steam's top sellers pretty consistently, probably due to the popularity of Martin's world, which is probably the same reason they haven't dropped the price.
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