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August 11th, 2012, 01:01
Originally Posted by booboo View Post
I wonder if the current price point is to high? It's $50 on Steam, which for me means generally high production values, generally Awesome (TM) experience etc. The price coupled with the average reviews is probably hurting their new sales quite a bit. If it was much less, I would have snapped it up without blinking (as a fan of the series) - but my gaming time is currently over-subscribed as it is, so I need a real incentive to fork over $50
Is it really that much on Steam?

--- One minute later ---

Yep… it's pretty much the same here in Europe (40 euro's = 49 dollars).

In Dutch non-digital retail it's available for a bit more than half that price at 22 euro's (= 27 dollars). Which imho is a reasonable price.

I'm still not getting it for now, I still have some stuff to play. But I will eventually.
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