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Default AI settings to stop smite evil

August 12th, 2012, 16:36
I've taken out the game for another spin, and keep running into issues with the retarded AI and camera settings (both expected).

There is one thing that bugs me though: My paladin character keeps using smite evil against enemies while under AI control. I dont seem to be able to stop this behaviour. These are my AI settings:

Puppet: Off
Follow dist: Near
Disarm traps: Off
Recover traps: Off
Defend Master: Off
Guard distance: Default
Open locks: Off
Automatically open locks: Off
Automatically pick up items: Off
Stealth Mode: Not stealthy
Automatic Hiding: Off
Spellcasting: Off
Dispel Spells: Off
Item usage: Off
Use healing and curing items: Off
Ability usage: Off
Combat mode usage: Off
Summoning: Off
Polymorph: Off
Ranged Weapons: Off
Back away: On
Disable melee attacks: Off
Auto summon familiars: Off
Auto summon companions: Off
Ally damage: Low
Peaceful follow: On
Self buff or heal: Off
Knockdown: Off
Auto set of companion behaviour: Off
Enemies auto cast buffs: Off
Warlock one round hideous blow: Off
Monster ally damage: Off

Now I suspect that among all those redundant settings there are quite a few that simply dont work. I'm not sure about the terminology, but I suspect that smite evil should be an ability.

Are there any good mods that will fix the problem?
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