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August 12th, 2012, 19:16
I have to say I am totally into The Secret World and how great the story is … so much so that it has me very attached to my character - far more than in most MMO's I have played. I was doing a big quest line in the game and I got tricked into making a choice I did not want (more me not paying enough attention). But since this is an MMO it was irreversible. At the time, full of adrenaline and coffee, I was ready to quit on the spot. Starting a new character would be out of the question at this point. Unlike other games where making alts tend to have a bit more purpose (different starting areas and classes), TSW really has you invest in a single character … and no way I want to redo all the content again so soon into the game.

But after thinking it over I realized far better to make some mistakes then have yet another MMO that just holds your hand through everything. So now Ulfr is flawed, and a little tainted, but more human because of it … just like real life I suppose. On the down side he is no longer the perfect character, the ideal me, that I was making. No going back to undo that choice. No saved game to reload.

All in all a great game that requires some thinking, exploring, and getting outside of the box in how you approach things. I am now eager to have Ulfr redeem himself and prove his loyalty to the cause. He has a deeper personality with more beef to it. He has some new motives, a darker past, and all in all this makes for a more fun character to role play.

For all the little bugs and flaws (which really are no worse then most games at release) I have become very hooked on this MMO. To the point that GW2, which I thought was going to be my main and TSW just a diversion for August, may end up as my alternative game. Luckily it is F2P and already purchased it so easy enough to play both (and I like GW2 for very different reasons anyhow).

Character is centrality, the impossibility of being displaced or overset. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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