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August 13th, 2012, 23:43
Like many here I am perplexed by his equivalence. Grinding occurs when you stop experiencing new content, or in my opinion, stop LEARNING. In many rpgs, a few fights with the same enemies are good for not only building your skills, but appreciating them. FPS games are different because you have arguably two character skills (shooting and moving) and although it may be a simple repition of those skills, every encounter in a GOOD shooter is actually different. The enemies come from different sides, from different angles, use different tactics etc. A simple game of whackamole could be considered BORING or at least uncreative, but it's not GRINDING unless it keeps popping up the same configuration of targets over and over. An rpg can be grinding if it's not exactly the same encounter, because so many rpgs have extremely limited sets of moves. To many, it's not officially grinding if there's one hundred encounters on the way to the castle, because they're necessary to finish the plot, not done just to build stats. However, if your combat options are fight/cast/defend and you dont have a bunch of new moves to play with every couple of encounters I'm gonna call your game shit and boring -- UNLESS there's some other awesome hook. I love some games for story and some for art and some for humor and some have combat that is really dynamic and full of potential --but overall, the rpg genre is a beehive of lame grinds, because the art, story, and combat are all terrible -- plus SLOW! Naturally i'm here because I love rpgs, but this Kaiser is way offbase on this one. Give me an average shooter over an average RPG any day.
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