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August 14th, 2012, 10:35
Looks interesting. IMO, the sentence "Chaos Chronicles unites the typical characteristics of classic turn-based role-playing games with modern graphics and a gripping atmosphere" could be interepreted it does not necessarily have true turn-based combat, but has characteristics of turn-based combat. There's a difference. We'll have to wait for more info, but if it really has proper turn-based combat, I'll be VERY interested.
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I was really unhappy when they took the best tactical TB game ever (JA2) and made it RTwP
Yes, same here, but to be honest, JA:BiA did let you (micro)manage your actions pretty thoroghly, thus making the RTwP combat at least manageable and bearable. Not as good as true turn-based, of course, but the next best thing, I'd say. At least I found JA:BiA surprisingly fun (with the lastest patch and Fog of War on).
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