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August 14th, 2012, 15:47
I just finished after being stuck at Joesephina for about 6 months! Here's my character:
Level 46 Warrior
Experience: 33140328
Vitality: 902/902
Magic: 124/767
Strength: 170
Agility: 86
Intelligence: 52
Constitution: 100
Offense: 80
Damage: 163-222
Defense: 74
Armour: 267
Lightning Resistance: 55
Fire Resistance: 60
Poison Resistance: 53
Spirit Resistance: 75
Reputation: 32

The only problem I had was with Joesphina and after reading up a bit found that potions of shadow and the warriors special move eventually took care of her. Everyone else I just polymorphed and then beat into a pulp, including the Demon of Lies.

I never did find my teleportation pyramid… my only unfinished quest

Still, this is one of the best CRPGS I've ever played and one of the few that I've actually finished, along with Eschalon I & II.
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