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August 16th, 2012, 08:11
They did a great job with the video. It looks awesome and epic, but my biggest concern (to go with a couple minor ones, like the scale of the planets) is that the scope of this project might be too big.

Total Annihilation is one of my favorite games of all time. What made it so awesome was your involvement in huge battles on massive maps. I think they're absolutely right that most RTS games lack any sort of massive feeling and the genre isn't really trending that way. However, as much as I loved Supreme Commander, it was far too easy to become uninvolved with the crazy tactical zooming in and out. I'm afraid that if they did manage to pull it off that I would end up playing without any emotional investment because I would spend my time on the tactical maps instead of buried in the action like I was in Total Annihilation.

In summation, three issues/obstacles:

1. The project's scope could be too grand, even for a $900,000 budget.
2. Because of it's grand scope, including multiple battles that could presumably be taking place on the opposite sides of the galaxy, players may end up playing from tactical maps rather than commanding battles, which would diminish emotional involvement and the "wow factor" that would come from the awesome explosions.
3. Judging from the video (which means very little), it doesn't look like they plan to give us huge planets to play on.

If they end up with a lot of funding, I would say this would be a project to watch as a potential Kickstarter game failure, just based of the incredible scale they are aiming for. That being said, I will most definitely pledge on the hopes that it turns out as well as it could.

P.S. Why hasn't anyone ever focused on making a historical RTS on a truly grand world-sized map? That's what I would like to see, something that combines Empire Earth\Total Annihilation\Civilization. Give us a massive world to play on, a bunch of civilizations to populate it with, and where the only campaign is to conquer or play around on that world (in depth diplomacy being a must). That's been a dream project of mine for a while.
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