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August 16th, 2012, 21:45
I was just listening to some of the original Conan music and I now realize what I said was out of place; it was insulting to associate Inon Zur's generic schlock composed for Fallout 3 with the Conan OST.

As an aside, I was googling Jermey Soule + Fallout 3 as I had thought he had composed the music (which was confusing, considering I adore Soule's Guild Wars OST). I can't say I was overly surprised when I stumbled up on this Codex snippet:
GI: Thank you for setting down with us, Jeremy. Let's get right down to the point. You have been the composer for Bethesda's previous two hits, The Elder Scrolls Morrowind and Oblivion. Among many other things, both were critically acclaimed for their amazing soundtracks. Recently, Bethesda released several audio clips of Fallout 3's music, composed by Inon Zur. We, the fans, want to know the real reason you are not scoring the music for the upcoming Fallout 3.

JS: Bethesda did approach me for the Fallout 3 project. I have always been a long time fan of Fallout and Fallout 2, so I was more than excited. I contacted Mark Morgan, the original composer of Fallout, for help on the project. We collaborated and really tried to capture the atmosphere of the originals. I put together several demo tracks for the producers over at Bethesda to preview. They didn't like them.

GI: Bethesda didn't like them? They told you this?

JS: Not directly. What Bethesda wanted was a more epic tone, and one that was on par with their past fantasy efforts and recent shooters. I told them that I didn't feel Fallout was compatible with that kind of music. It's not. It's the complete opposite of what they're doing. Apparently, they didn't like this too much. Executive producer Todd Howard said they would think about it and call me back with an answer. I still haven't received that call.

GI: That's amazing. How are you feeling about it?

JS: I am still a little depressed, to tell you the truth. I loved the original Fallout games, and don't quite know what to expect now. I wish them all the luck with Ion Zerg though.

GI: Inon Zur.

JS: Yes. Good luck to them.
Gotta hand it to Bethesda - they certainly love their recycling bin. Anywho, love the direction of Wasteland II and don't regret my Kickstarter pledge one bit.
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