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August 18th, 2012, 00:02
Just saw Expendables 2 and came away feeling pretty let down.
  • Norris, Willis and Arnold are only on screen for 10 minutes apiece, but their scenes are strewn around throughout the entire movie. So, when they do show up, you're left wondering, "where the hell did they come from?"
  • Like the first movie, Statham and Stallone have most of the screen time. I had been hoping that Dolph Lundgren (or any of the other guys) would share the spotlight some more. Way too little Dolph.
  • The plot is just rubbish. Even by 80's action movie standards.
  • Most notable, for me, there are way too many tongue-in-cheek moments. Examples include a meme Chuck Norris joke, Arnold & Willis trading yippy-kai-yay/I'll be back one-liners, references to Rambo and Dolph's M.I.T. history, etc.. I realize it's not a movie to take itself seriously, but the cheesiness of it all was pretty thick and over the top.

All in all, it was fun to watch a playground for all these action stars of old masquerading as a movie. Alas, I had hoped for a lot more. As it stands, it's not even as good as the first Expendables. 6/10

Oh, one last thing… for being 72 years old, Chuck Norris looks great.
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