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August 19th, 2012, 19:28
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
Difficulty settings can only be a part of the game if it's been built with that in mind from the ground and up. A good example is Alien vs Predator 1 where the devs put a lof of effort into balancing the game with very limited save points, you couldnt just save anywhere. This so that you would be on the edge of your seat at all times instead of saving before every corner and never really have any fear of dying.

A lot of people complained to the publisher because they (PC people are spoiled with 'easy mode') werent used to this in games. So eventually they got a patch that allowed them to save anywhere. But it's no longer the same game, the patch didn't add something to the game, it removed a large, fundamental portion of the gameplay.

Dark Souls is about dying, it's a big portion of the gameplay, you're supposed to both fear it and also often embrace it as a part of the gameplay, it really does require very careful tweaking and it just wouldnt be the same game in easy-mode, you'd have something else entirely.

But yes, i'm sure you will get your easy-mode mod. I'm just saying there's a reason why it's not built into the game and why such a thing will remove a big portion of the gameplay. I agree that mods are great, but only when they add something to the gameplay.
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
No. What if i had bought the game after the patch was out (it's very unlikely i wouldnt have patched it). Then i wouldnt have experienced it like the devs intended and with a much better atmosphere than post-patch, and i wouldn't have enjoyed the game at all.

We've been over this already on the previous page, not gonna repeat myself.
That is a different issue and one I agree with you on, because its not an option its a change that is force upon all players. If it was an option that you choose before starting a new game(saves anywhere on/off) then that would not be an issue. Options are good, esp when considering disabled gamers.
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