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August 21st, 2012, 00:36
Originally Posted by Impregnator View Post
Or you could recreate a core element and one of the reasons Diablo 2 was so much more fun and interesting (in my opinion) by including skill trees.

Anyone else think skill trees would make Diablo 3 a lot better or do you all like the new “choice-lite” system of D3 and the soon to be released WoW expansion?
The long-term replayability value of the new system is almost non-existant. I wouldn't necessarily want to go back to Diablo 2 - as that's 12 years old and ancient.

But we definitely need ways to customise characters that can't be immediately replicated or changed. As it is now, there's zero reason to EVER replay the game with the same class - which is incredibly stupid for a game like this.

It's just another example of a profound lack of understanding of Diablo by the new Bliz.




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