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August 21st, 2012, 09:34
Originally Posted by fadedc View Post
I was perfectly happy with the skill tree system as it existed in D3. I wouldn't want every game to be like that, but I thought it worked really well for the type of game D3 was, and that it resulted in a lot more individual character variation then you see in a traditional skill tree system. As for replay, very few people play every single character class up to level 60, let alone worry about whether it's feasible to have multiple level 60s of the same class.
What do you mean very few people?

Let's compare with WoW, a game that takes vastly longer time to level cap - and would you also say "very few" get to max?

The Diablo games and the roguelike genre in general is, literally, about replaying. That's why it has randomly generated levels and multiple difficulties with increasingly hard challenges with better rewards.

Diablo and Diablo 2 was very much about the strategy of planning for your build and optimising performance. That's pretty much why they stayed fresh for so long.

I understand that people think Diablo 3 is fine in how it's not a longterm experience - but they should have picked another franchise if they wanted a short-term game.

It's even worse than Obsidian's way of handling Dungeon Siege 3.
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