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August 21st, 2012, 14:22
I feel like the writer didnt emphasize my three favorite points enough - he did mention lack of voice acting, but not the depth of the experimentation allowed by spell/item crafting, and he barely mentioned the world's breathtaking beauty and intrigue.

For the first, I think it really falls into "better to be silent and thought a fool then open your mouth and remove all doubt". The writing is a little better in MW but it's hardly groundbreaking. What it does allow you to do, though, is create your own characters and voices in your head that DON'T sound awful. Bethesda's voice acting remains some of the worst in the business but even great teams rarely nail it all the time - and their lines are invariably quite truncated.

The world of Elder Scrolls is only marginally interesting when compared to other fantasy titles. The genre is so devoid of creativity that the Elder Scrolls world sems fascinatingly detailed by comparison. But if you boiled the intrigue of Tamriel down to two locations, they'd probably be the Black Marsh and Morrowind (and maybe the cat land which always sounds like they lifted wholesale from Hero's Quest 2). Sadly, we have yet to see the other two, but MW really didn't disappoint. The fog was of course functional and occasionally quite tiring, but it was also really gorgeous at times. And the architecture! It remains the only time that ES really stood apart, making a true culture out of nothing.

Finally, and most importantly, the game itself is less coggy than ever before or since. You're always wondering how to make the game more fun, and almost always have that option. It's not a perfect spellcrafting system from a number of balance aspects, but it's FUN and it's single player, so how is being able to FLY ever a bad thing? And you the player are absolutely necessary in these processes. Combat can actually be hard, if you don't minmax. Quests don't hold your hand so you need to figure things out yourself. A number of things constantly beg your interaction, and I love this about MW.
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