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August 21st, 2012, 19:10
Yeah, an emphatic NO to a Mass Effect-based sci-fi universe…

I wonder how expensive an over-the-shoulder 3D look would be. Preferably at a default zoom distance of, say, halfway between PS:T and The Witcher. With the ability to pan up over your head and look at the opposite, overhead end of Sigil (or whatever the Sigil'esque city is). I'm simply awed by what could become of that: walking through a market square with the architecture bending over you; in the distance, a faint shimmering viewable only at a specific angle.

Items with stories. One of my favorite parts of Torment and the Icewind Dale series was giving them names and writing short stories for each inventory item… and sometimes very long stories (The Fanged Mirror of Yehcir-Eya).
A man after my own heart! Why the hell has this aspect of game lore completely disappeared?! It added so much depth to BG and ID.

All in all, however, I'm most disappointed with this initial MCA statement:
Chris Avellone: [Game development studio] Obsidian has talked about Kickstarter for some time. Not to put myself or Planescape down, but the range of ideas we've had internally for a KS are, IMO, better than doing a spiritual successor to Torment, and it involves more of the powerhouses in the studio rather than turning me into the Nameless One.
Although disappointing, I just hope they do indeed follow through with a Kickstarter project that can take advantage of their wealth of ideas. Make it fascinating enough, and I have no doubt that the money-raised would be record-breaking.
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