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August 22nd, 2012, 04:58
Originally Posted by Impregnator View Post
Or you could recreate a core element and one of the reasons Diablo 2 was so much more fun and interesting (in my opinion) by including skill trees.

Anyone else think skill trees would make Diablo 3 a lot better or do you all like the new “choice-lite” system of D3 and the soon to be released WoW expansion?
I agree completely that without permanent character build choices, D3 has very limited replayability. Torchlight 2 is getting it right by including permanent choices. Part of being an RPG is giving players FREEDOM to make bad builds and learn and re-roll.

But really, I don't mind D3 being totally boring and the loot being garbage…because I want Torchlight 2 to take the throne of ARPG.
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