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August 22nd, 2012, 09:20
Originally Posted by fadedc View Post
I didn't say that very few people get to max level in D3. I said that very few people get to max level with every character class in the game. And yes, that would be true about WoW as well.
You're right, you did. Sorry.

Not that I understand why that's relevant, as I'm talking about replaying favorite classes with multiple builds. I can assure you that a LOT of people did that in D2.

Certainly though, a lot of people don't reach max level in D3. Blizzard has suggested that the people who play Inferno are a minority in the game. I believe that also true in D2 for people who played all the way through to hell.
Inferno is another matter altogether, and you don't need to play it for max level. But Diablo 3 late-game is pretty bland in many ways, so I wouldn't use it as the standard for how many people reach max level in the genre.

Sure - a lot of people didn't play D2 exhaustively - but then again, a lot of people did.

The primary difference between the D3 design and the D2 design - is that in D3, there's no reason to ever come back and play the same class again.

That's what people did with D2. They maxed out a character and played for a month or two - and then put it aside. Much like they've done in D3.

But in D2 - there was a reason to come back and play your favorite classes again. In D3 - there isn't.

Not as of yet, anyway.




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