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August 22nd, 2012, 18:24
Originally Posted by wolfing View Post
Any of them really. You still explore, you still have your units, and they're still more important than you (except for the crime against humanity that was HoMM4), you have your factions, battles are still tactical, spells and abilities are still useful, it really still feels like any HoMM I've played (except that abhorrent fetus of the underworld that was HoMM4). The AI in HoMM3 was the best of course, but this one is serviceable (unlike that Santa Claus killer baby candy stealer beer warmer chastity belt wannabe that was HoMM4)
Well.. I can say when HoMM IV came out I did not like it too. But after the patches I found it really enjoyable. I thought it retained the spirit and was quite good in some aspects. I love the implementation of caravans and having to choose between two different and mutually exclusive units in the upper tiers.
I can't say the same for HoMM V onwards.. I was not able to finish HoMM V (pure boredom) and I could not get past HoMM VI demo. In my opinion they were too dumbed down. The graphics were updated but even that was not appealing to me. The original style was completely lost in this exchange for a more cartoonish, WoW-like approach. The heroes have no strong personality anymore, nor a compelling backstory (I guess gamers nowadays don't care about that).

All in all I'm convinced the new iterations of the HoMM franchise are a departure from the old formula and style. I bought HoMM V in anticipation. Fool me once. But I'm not spending 1 buck on the series anymore.

Fortunately, King's Bounty is a refreshing take on the genre and I hold it close to my heart. I chuckle with every silliness and new little joke I read. That's why I fear so much it gets changed in the next versions. And that's why I think more of the same is gold this time.
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